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Published on July 19, 2013 By LT

Man’s Thinking: The “end” justifies “the means”. Heaven’s Way: “The means” makes all the difference. With Love, Written by Lawrence Touitou Please Share! “I went through life stumbling, so you don’t have to. Now I’m committed to helping others and making the world a better place. Please join me. Please “Like”, “Tweet”, “Share” and “Comment.” […]


Published on February 14, 2011 By LT

To vibrate at the LOVE frequency, you must be the LOVE frequency. To vibrate at the hate frequency, you have to be the hate frequency. This is how the universe works. So if I see someone or some organization is listening to something, or talking about something and posting it on facebook, I know exactly […]

Need advice? Who do you ask?

Published on January 3, 2011 By LT

When we begin to make the awareness that our thoughts and beliefs dictate what manifests in our lives, we begin to realize that everyone is living out an expression of what they believe is possible for them in that moment. Each of us, if you picture looking across a busy city street at rush hour, […]

“I’m “Stable”. Are you? Pt. 2

Published on December 29, 2010 By LT

(continued from yesterday.) This is at-most a temporary, precarious and fleeting security. The weakness in placing importance in these “false” (or external) stabilities and securities is that we are susceptible and vulnerable to suggestions that play on our fears of loosing them. The majority of health and  government organizations, religions and media know this and […]

“I’m “Stable”. Are you?

Published on December 28, 2010 By LT

A lot of people search for partners that are “stable”. As I man, I see this particularly in women but I’m sure the same holds true for men. We instinctively look for “stability”. The question is, “Where do we look for it?” I think of “stability” as a chair. Let’s say your sitting on a chair […]