Emergency Preparedness


How to Prepare and Survive.


The need for emergency preparedness has never been greater as emergencies become more frequent and conditions worsen. (Here is one example: https://seemorerocks.is/34352-2/) But it doesn’t need to be a grim reality. Now is the time to hone-in on camping, gardening, preserving food and water skills, and if you or anyone you know has Military/Girl-Scouts/Boy-Scouts/First-Aid/Peace Corps/Backpacking/Living Off-Grid experience, now’s the time to recall those skills and pool our skills together with others.

Survival depends on a positive mental attitude, as well preparation by collecting what we need, putting it where it’s handy, and practicing being “comfortable” living “without”. What will you need to make yourself comfortable?

Here’s a list of things to think about and prepare for, as the word changes. Including weather, climate, food and water supply, power, internet, communications, spread of communicable disease, man-made and natural disasters and more. TAKING ACTION NOW, and not just reading, is key.

Emergency Plan

Having a plan to deal with emergencies can add calm to an otherwise stressful situation. What should this plan include?

– Have a plan to contact loved ones and neighbors. Establish meeting places.
– Have a plan if internet / power is lost. Do you need a backup battery or generator?
– Have a plan for food and water shortage. Can you survive for a few days or longer?


For short term,

– Purchase a Grab and Go Survival Backpack (This is a survival backpack with food and gear for short term survival 3-5 days. To be kept in the car, and/or by the door or the house.) 
– Start thinking survival. While shopping, purchase extra things that have a long shelf-life. And like playing “musical chairs” if you had to stop, wherever you are, and there’s and emergency, what would you do? What instructions do you need to give to your family?
– Money. Do you have emergency money tucked away. What if the currency devaluates? Do you have some Gold or precious metals to barter with?
– Stay Connected. (Have emergency numbers written down. This implies fearful, stressful situations, where we could easily forget our connection to God and need to remain connected and help serve others during crisis.)
– Ask God for help. This one should be first on the list. Have hope. Connect with your soul, the universe, whatever you believe, and realize you are not alone. Ask for help and stay hopeful.

For long term, 

– Get a Solar / Gas Power Generator, (no electricity, no gas, solar, wind)
– Stock Water, Canned food. For up to 3 months.
– Batteries, Flashlights, Candles, Lighters, Wood, Things to make a fire,
– Warm Clothes. Comfortable Sturdy Shoes. Warm Socks. Tent, Butane Stove and Cookware.
– Plan for no electricity, no communication or support from emergency responders. 
– Have a plan, where to meet. –
– Connect with Local Government (if available), ask for help.
– Plan to help others who are not as prepared. People may be hurt or dying or in a panic state. Be the voice of calm.
– Stay connected. Have your network.
– Only together we can survive.

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