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Lawrence Touitou Coach Image
Lawrence Touitou Coach Image

My name is Lawrence Touitou. While I am hesitant to take on the role of “healer”, I recognize the need for healing among those around me. Feeling a sense of responsibility and urgency during these times and possessing the ability – as well as witnessing the remarkable results – I chose to begin offering my healing services over 10 years ago. I’m a Certified Soul Healer, Pilates Instructor, QiGong Instructor, Author, Speaker, and Soul Alignment Coach. more…

I work with clients facing challenges related to physical pain, relationships, anxiety, depression, emotional stress, self-esteem, self-worth, and mental health issues. I restore hope and help you feel better.

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My healing services are focused on alleviating pain and suffering first and foremost. This is because pain is debilitating. I know because I’ve been there. People who are considering medical procedures, surgery or are on medication can benefit greatly. In most cases, healing sessions can improve your outcome with fewer side effects. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You owe it to yourself to try. I’m here to support your total well-being including lifestyle shifts, to foster greater self-love and self-care, nurture healthier relationships, and remove blockages that will bring new awareness and new opportunities to your life. Explore Soul Healing here.

Are you ready to send healing to that long-standing health issue? Or do you feel like there’s something more that you could be living? Sign up now for a FREE wellness session by clicking the link below.


“When we heal the Soul first, the mind and body will follow.”


What people are saying…


I love your classes Lawrence. You never disappoint!


The message came through so clearly... The guidance was undeniable and unavoidable.

Mary Jo

Dear Lawrence, thank you for always being an amazing instructor!

Ms. F

I never felt that before. I felt a vibration in my forehead, and then light flashing in my eye.

Teacher Diane

Lawrence, you are Unique! a positive way


Lawrence, if more of humanity would be like you, the world would be a better place.


People have tried and made it worse. As soon as you touched my arm, I said, "This guy's going to help me."


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More About Me

More About Me

My Journey: Lawrence Touitou Hello, my name is Lawrence Touitou, and I’m a Soul Healer,…

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