Soul Healing

How Does Soul Healing Work?

Soul Healing

A Higher Dimension Positive Field Can Transform Lower Dimension Negative Energy

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m not vibrating right?”

The world we live in, including our bodies, is not as solid as we think. Everything is energy, frequency and vibration. Tesla said it. Einstein said it. Royal Raymond Rife, in the 1930’s, was able to isolate the precise frequency and vibration of pathogens and induce a frequency and vibration on the body to remove them. We all know the effects of light & sound on the body. I will provide some links here where you can learn more:


Like musical instruments, our bodies are designed to operate optimally a very specific frequency and vibration that is in tune with nature. Each organ, system, cell and body part has an optimum frequency it was designed to vibrate at. In fact, all of creation vibrates. We are just a small part of the vibrating universe around us. Unfortunately, man’s influence on the world today, introduces non-natural frequencies and vibrations, negative energy or “pollution” which affects our vitality, health, relationships and overall wellness, creating imbalance, sickness and accelerated aging. We also bring into this life certain frequency patterns that cause dis-ease, illness, pain, suffering and more. What ‘Soul Healing’ does, is it showers us with a pure, positive field of light, nourishing frequency and vibration (love and light) of a higher order or dimension, to restore our health, vitality and energy to optimum levels. (Like taking a bath in nature.

One type of Soul Healing is called ‘Tao Hands’. As a Tao Hands Practitioner, do not need to get involved with a precise diagnosis of your condition. The healing light has it’s own innate intelligence and goes where it’s needed to remove blockages at the root level. This means you may come to a session expecting healing for one issue but experience a shift or change in another, without realizing their interconnectedness.

I am able to offer Tao Hands remotely because light-energy is not limited by distance. It is a quantum healing that works on us at the Soul Level. As such, the receiver does not need to be physically near the Healing Practitioner to receive the healing energy; I am able to send it regardless of our locations. As long as the recipient is considered when I activate my Tao Hands, I am able to transmit the energy to you. You also play a major part in your healing. I’ll ask you prior to offering you a healing for your consent, and then you can just relax and receive during the transmission.

I have witnessed remarkable improvements for physical health challenges, pain, and illnesses. For mental and emotional blockages, it can alleviate deep suffering of the heart and soul. This includes feelings of guilt, sadness, grief, mental health issues, ego imbalances, or persistent states of worry, stress, anxiety, or trauma. By reconnecting with our innate energies, vibration, and soul, we purify these aspects.

Additionally, I may conduct a ‘Soul Reading’ and offer you guidance – which is also a healing – as this response is channeled and contains with it, elements to assist you for your request or whatever is needed. It’s important to remember that Tao Hands is not only an alternative therapy but also a complementary therapy, meaning it complements rather than replaces other medical and therapeutic approaches.

Originating from Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha, Tao Hands involves Tao Source Light channeled from practitioners’ palms to their clients, as reported by those with open third eyes who can view this. This enhanced energy flows throughout the body to promote relaxation, alleviate pain, accelerate recovery, open the heart and alleviate other symptoms of illness. Tao Hands aims to facilitate the restoration of balance and harmony across all energy systems. By doing so, we learn to shift perspective inward and find a healthier viewpoint that fosters self-respect, self-empowerment, and self-love.

The word ‘Tao’ as we use it here is synonymous with ‘Source,’ ‘Heaven,’ ‘Divine,’ ‘Creator’, ‘God’ and ‘Universal Energy,’ signifying an intelligent and benevolent life force that sustains and supports all of us in each moment. During our sessions, I activate and channel this Pure Tao Field, penetrating deeply throughout your entire being and energy field, removing blockages and addressing the root cause. I am honored to be a channel for this Tao Source Field and to have been certified to perform this service through Master Sha and Tao Academy.

“The guidance was undeniable and unavoidable.”

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My name is Lawrence Touitou. I am grateful to support you on your wellness and soul healing journey.