The Undiscovered Country

The Undiscovered Country

The Undiscovered Country. Now, having explored human ego and our minds’ limitations, we can return to our discussion about consciousness, the electromagnetic spectrum, frequency, and vibration.

narrow band of light

While most of us are engrossed in the “thin sliver” of reality shown above, our reliance on an antiquated scientific narrative often leads us to define reality based solely on what can be proven or disproven. This limited perspective extends to our self-image. Few recognize the vast unknown portion or the capacity we have to feel and experience other realities. This expansive, open space contains more to discover than even our physical oceans and galaxies. I’ve aptly named it “The Undiscovered Country ” after a Star Trek Motion Picture. 

Outside of science fiction, we’ve simply built a life and society where there’s no place for it. No place for “dreaming” and “discovery of the unknown.” And no understanding of the need to move our frequency and vibration into the realm of the unknown, first to take this journey into the unknown in order to complete our understanding of reality. 

It’s like we are in denial about it, or just not well informed. Yet we know, in our hearts, and from everything that we have just discussed, that it does exist. 

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