Let’s get hi

Let's get hi

Let’s get hi.

In order to experience realities beyond what we can sense and even measure, we must “be in those frequencies”, (we must attune ourselves to those frequencies) and thus, this becomes the quest of the spiritualist.

We possess the capability within our human form to transcend the physical and ascend to higher frequencies, allowing us to experience these elevated realities. In my younger days, we referred to this as “getting high.” Whether through the consumption of plants to induce this heightened state or through meditation and the purification of one’s heart, we as humans have means to access these realms. Many of us feel drawn to experiencing this “high.” Yet few of us are guided into these realms or well informed about them. It is believed that all information and knowledge exist there, despite efforts to destroy or suppress it on Earth. Everything is known; every record is kept. We simply need to access it.

Fiji story. One year, when I was in my twenties, I needed to get away. Having watched “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau” with my dad growing up, I saw an opportunity to get a small taste of that by signing up for Jacques Cousteau’s son, Michele Cousteau’s, ecotourism adventure called “Project Ocean Search” in the Fijian Islands. It was two weeks of diving, underwater photography, nature excursions, living in modest huts on a small island in the pacific, as well as interfacing with the locals, and learning their customs and traditions. Just what I needed.

One of the things I remember relevant to our discussion is that the elders, traditionally the men, would gather, sitting around deciding the future of their people and village, drinking kava root or “kava” as they called it. According to tradition, if you were handed a bowl of “kava,” you had to finish it. This was, in fact, a half coconut shell of kava-infused water, scooped out of a big bowl that sat in the middle of the circle where we were all seated and passed around one by one to each person. It was prepared by the women who chewed on the root (which requires very strong teeth) and then spat their kava infused saliva into the water. And they got a kick out of seeing us tourists, who had not acquired the tolerance they had, get totally blown away. So I definitely remember it. 🙂 

But the reason they did this was not solely to induce a “hi”. They told us that before making any important decisions that would affect their village, they needed to approach such decisions from both perspectives. They drank the kava to offer a different perspective on the same problem, to remove preconceived ideas and see it in a new way, in order to see if they arrived at a better solution. Their final decision would take into consideration both higher and lower perspectives. By drinking the kava, they were able to increase their frequency and vibration, altering themselves, the observer, so they could perceive things which they could not know or consider otherwise. Again, we look at Einstein’s words,

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” 

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