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We all have mouths to feed. Only you can decide what the right thing is for you to do as a Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Employee, Business Owner and Citizen. Know that the truth is out. And will continue to come out. And that the people and organizations who are perpetuating lies and crimes will be held accountable. It will be  difficult times ahead. As we gradually shake off the disbelief, and understand, and break-away from, the systems that we have been giving our power to, in trust of good government.


It truly is a time of awakening. We are now officially responsible for the wellbeing of ourselves, others in our care or employ, and collectively, our planet and our souls. We cannot, in good conscience, allow others to dictate what we put in our bodies, and require vaccines, document who has it, or not, and discriminate against others on this “fear created” pandemic, where social pressure, emotional response and perhaps our own naivety, have outweighed good science and common sense about putting things in our bodies. Sorry to tell you but these are total lies. We cannot, rely on the numbers and information and “science” that we are being given as credible. And we cannot, believe that what is being presented to us as “the only solution” is credible.


I don’t think all of the people above, and all the articles and information that has made it through censorship (at great risk to some) can be completely wrong. One thing is for sure; We are being asked to disclose everything about us, to “them” (a central database) and “they” do not need to disclose “anything” to us. And we’ve gotten used to that. Enough is enough. Vaccines are unverified and the information is purposely convoluted and confused. And those in the know, suppressed. LIke Dr. Tenpenny and many other frontline Doctors. 


If we play along, and the FDA Live Call, and self-admitted data and other facts presented above are true, we know in our hearts that what we are parties to this crime. What is happening amounts to coercion, collusion, and now extortion, to have people get repeatedly vaccinated. 


We, the people, are waking up and becoming acutely aware that what has been happening; A gradual “hijacking” of the constitution, democracy, the right to choose, freedom of speech, freedom to gather, disclosure and more. The good news is it’s being played out in front of our eyes, we are seeing it with “eyes open” and we are waking up. For example, it seems that Montana, put a ban on the “requirement of vaccination” as a condition of employment.  (Though their legislature are taking heat for it as news sources are slamming them and calling it a travesty.) People are speaking up and speaking out, and behind the scenes, those who are guilty of crimes are either being sued or rounded up and arrested . I.e. the Global Elites, corrupted corporate and government officials, etc.


These are times when we need to stick together; families, communities, employers and employees. There are move of us then them. Non-participation in fear based initiatives is key.  Instead, we need to create safe-havens for all of us, by helping one another stay strong and healthy, and standing together. I suggest we do what we need to do to “keep up appearances”. But if pressed into a corner, we need to apply “sound reasoning” and “say no” (non participation) to this. Also, we are not being warned about the dwindling water and food and energy supply (and Unusually Cold Winter in some areas) which may be a real threat in the coming months. 

Please prepare. See: Emergency Preparedness