Soul Healing and Karma

Soul Healing & Negative Karma

Breaking Free from Negative Karma: How Soul Healing Can Change Your Life

 By addressing the root cause of our blockages or illness; negative karma, we are promoting healing and transformation that goes beyond just addressing the physical symptoms. Soul Healing modalities like Tao Healing Hands and other Tao Services and Transmission offer a unique approach to healing that focuses on the Soul Level which addresses Karmic Blockages.

Negative karma is the accumulation of negative energy that we have
created through our thoughts, words, and actions throughout our
lifetimes. This negative energy can manifest in many ways, including
physical illness, chronic pain, emotional trauma, and relationship
issues and lack of financial abundance. These karmic patterns are often deeply ingrained in our energy field and can be difficult to overcome through conventional means.
However, a Tao Healing Hands practitioner can access the
Soul’s infinite wisdom and healing power to dissolve these blockages at
the soul level, resulting in transformation and healing on all levels.Amazingly it can help us have more Flourishing in our Finances and Manifesting Abundance, as well as to offer Healing for Healthy and Harmonious Relationships.

Negative karma can be a major obstacle in our lives, creating
limitations and blocking us from achieving our goals and living a
fulfilling life. However, with Tao Healing Hands, we can break free from
these patterns and create a new reality for ourselves. By accessing the
power of our soul, we can release these negative patterns and promote
the flow of positive energy, resulting in transformation on all levels. This can lead to immediate pain reduction, a greater sense of peace, joy, and fulfillment, and can help individuals to live a
more balanced and harmonious life in alignment with their souls.

All sickness is due to soul-mind-body blockages, and these blockages are often the result of
negative karma. Karma is the record of services from all lifetimes, we have good karma and negative karma. While the good karma can help us to flourish, be happy, healthy, have abundance, good luck, ease, success and live a long life as well as have fulfilling relationships and more, the negative karma can create blockages in our energy field that manifest as physical pain, sickness, emotional, financial and relationship issues. By accessing the power of our Soul on a deep level, we can transform our negative karma.

By working with a Tao Hands Practitioner, we can release the blockages that are holding us
back and promote the flow of positive energy, resulting in a greater
sense of clarity, peace, and fulfillment. This can help us to live a
more fulfilling life and create a positive impact on us and those around us.

Soul Healing allows us to connect with the universal source of healing
energy in an amplified way, which can transform our negative karma into positive energy,
resulting in healing and transformation on all levels.

If you possess a strong desire to help people while earning some additional income on the side, now or in the future, then becoming a healer could be an ideal option for you. With Master Sha and his team of certified and extensively trained instructors, you can pursue your passion for healing (and offer remote healing) by enrolling in Tao Academy’s introductory and advanced healing courses that are conducted regularly throughout the year.