Overcoming Rushing and Anxiety

The Simple Solution to Anxiety: Practicing Unconditional Self-Love

Are you constantly in a rush, always chasing after something, but never feeling like you’re enough? You might be experiencing anxiety without even realizing it. It’s become a normal way of life for many of us, but it’s robbing us of truly living in the present moment.
As Jim Carrey humorously once said, “Because then, I would be enough.” We’re constantly striving to live up to the next thing, i.e. these false expectations in our minds, and it’s a never-ending cycle that can lead us rushing towards our own graves.
But there’s a simple solution. And one that actually empowers us…

Stop for just a few moments – maybe less than a minute – and love and accept where you are in this moment, without the need for any extra “thing”. (Relax, breath and place your hand on your chest and feel this human being and love this human being.)*

Continued from Facebook.. Now view what you’re about to do as an amazing learning and growth process bonus. Remember that your goals should be important to you, but don’t attach your self-worth to achieving them. You’ll only achieve and manifest at the level you love and accept and value yourself now.
Let go of your attachment to external factors and trust that The Universe will guide you towards what you need. Focus on cultivating self-love that’s not conditional on any accomplishment. With a peaceful and joyful mindset, watch as life falls into place. Don’t let anxiety steal any more of your precious time.
* HIGH VIBRATIONAL SECRET: This is actually a frequency reset. Our perception of time is influenced by our state of mind. When we’re in a high vibrational state, we’re more aligned with the flow of the universe, and time seems to move more slowly and even stand-still when we are completely expanded in our awareness. However, when we’re in a low vibrational state, like when we are rushing, and stressed and ANXIOUS, we’re out of sync with the natural flow of things, our awareness is contracted and time seems to speed up or slip away causing us to feel rushed. So we just need to be aware / mindful of this, stop, do a short reset, breathe, love ourselves and then carry forward in this new state. It works! And with practice, it can be done instantly as often as needed.
Also, just as an fyi, when interacting with others; when others rush us, it’s a sign that they’re in a lower vibrational state and inviting us to join them in their state of pain, fear, and anxiety. (And when we rush others…) However, it’s our responsibility to maintain our inner peace and stay present in the moment, even while we appear to be moving quickly on the outside.

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