Soul Healing and Karma

Soul Healing & Negative Karma

Breaking Free from Negative Karma: How Soul Healing Can Change Your Life

Soul Healing addresses the root cause of our blockages or illness and goes far beyond just addressing the physical symptoms. I honor all belief systems as I don’t proclaim to know all the answers. However, in this teaching, we see our souls (or subconscious) as still being energetically connected to (and affected by) memories from the past lifetimes. These memories, experiences, and awarenesses that we bring into this lifetime create an energetic frequency and vibration which forms our overall “energetic signature”.

Why someone naturally wants to be a musician, or is afraid of heights, or has a penchant for humor and telling jokes, etc.; We enter this life with certain qualities and propensities that we can’t really account for in this lifetime or from childhood. I will give further examples later.

In this teaching, this comes from past lifetimes. Which of course speaks to the belief of reincarnation. Some patterns we bring into this life may be helpful, while others may not be helpful and can be quite painful. This is also referred to as “Good Karma” and “Negative Karma”. In areas where our patterns are positive and productive, including Health, Relationships, Finances and more, we have “Good Karma”. But in areas where they are not, the cause is often related to our “Negative Karma.”

Here are some general ‘patterns’ we experience in various areas of our lives, providing further examples of negative karma. This will help you recognize them. We may, for example, be very successful in business but seem to always marry the wrong person, or are not happy or find disharmony in our love relationships. Or, we may be wealthy, but suffer from chronic health issues, stress, and relationships that are not authentic. Or we may never seem to get ahead financially and find ourselves always in debt. These are just a few examples that we all can relate to of patterns that happen to “us” again and again, but don’t seem to be happening to everyone else.

Nothing is a coincidence. I will give you some more examples of how you can identify karma at work in your every day life. Say you are an animal rights activist. (It truly bothers and offends you how people treat animals., (and others don’t seem to care so much.) Or you are very vocal about the disparity between the rich and the poor. (and others don’t seem to be bothered and affected by it.) Or you have some prejudice against men, women, an ideology, race or religion.. Or on the positive side, there’s a person that you naturally feel comfortable right from the start, or a place, region or country that just feels like home, though it’s your first time there. These are all clues.

It’s important to note that unresolved soul blockages and negative karma have likely been with us for many, many lifetimes. And if it remains unresolved, these issues can remain with us for many more lifetimes. This is where “Soul Healing” comes in as a primary, or adjunctive therapy to “medical” or “talk therapy” to resolve the blockages at the soul level, thereby re-patterning your energy and restoring balance. Therefore, Soul Healing is truly a gift to us from Heaven, enabling the removal of suffering and the clearing of blockages not previously possible by conventional means.

Modalities like Tao Healing Hands and other Soul Services and Transmissions offer a unique approach to healing that focuses on the Soul which address Karmic Blockages. Something that I highly recommend, in addition to getting Healing, is doing a daily forgiveness practice.

More about Negative Karma:

What you are now, and what you are experiencing now, is what you gave others before. You are happy, good family, true love, financial blessings, spiritual blessings, you have given others before. Your ancestors have given this before. Sickness, can’t find true love, fighting, struggles with your partner, money tight, struggle so much, angry…you made others, your ancestors made others suffer like this. This is your positive and negative karma.  

Negative karma is the accumulation of negative energy that we have generated through our thoughts, words, and actions across all of our lifetimes. (We have all done good things. We have all done bad things.) This negative energy can manifest in various forms, such as physical illness, chronic pain, emotional trauma, and relationship issues, as well as a lack of financial abundance. These karmic patterns are often deeply rooted in our energy field and can prove challenging to overcome using conventional methods.

Negative karma serves as a significant barrier in our lives, imposing limitations and hindering us from realizing our aspirations and leading a successful and fulfilling existence. However, a Tao Healing Hands practitioner can address karmic patterns at the soul level, resulting in transformation and healing across all aspects of our being. Remarkably, it can facilitate greater health, wellness, harmonious relationships, flourishing in our finances and abundance, and a feeling of being connected to your higher self. Master Sha says, “Karma is the root cause of success and failure in every aspect of life.” And I have found this to be true. And I have also found that by accessing the power of our Soul on a deep level, we can transform our Negative Karma.

Removing Negative Karma through Soul Healing can yield immediate relief from pain, instill a heightened sense of peace, joy, and fulfillment, and empower individuals to embrace a more balanced and harmonious life in alignment with their souls.

By working with a Tao Hands Practitioner, you will be aided to release the blockages that are holding you back and help you to promote the flow of Qi, positive energy, resulting in a greater
sense of clarity, peace, and fulfillment and energy. This can help you to live a more fulfilling life and create a positive impact on your family, work and the world around us. Once again, one thing I highly recommend besides receiving a healing is to do daily forgiveness practice.

Soul Healing allows us to connect with the universal source of healing
energy in an amplified way, which can transform our negative karma into positive energy,
resulting in healing and transformation on all levels, restoring a healthy, harmonious life.

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