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Levels of consciousness

Levels of Consciousness

Levels of Consciousness.  In each moment, all possibilities exist. We just don’t have access to them. That means we are not aware of them. A good metaphor for this is “the camera lens”. When we zoom-in, we focus on what’s right in front of us, but the background remains blurry. Conversely, when we zoom out, we can perceive our surroundings and the big picture, yet what’s right in front of us becomes unclear.

We could say that a camera lens is something which allows us to move from one reality to the other. Simply by adjusting the wavelength of light that we allow to pass through the lens. It allows us to change reality.  

We have a camera lens in our eyes… and our ears, our touch, smell and taste, they are all picking up different signals and stimuli. Our senses, as with the camera, are only picking up a small percentage of reality.

Consider this: You and the person sitting next to you (Pointing at two people in the room) are having a slightly different reality right now, at this very moment. Even though we are all in the same room, the subject being presented is the same, my delivery is the same, the decor is the same and more, we each may be perceiving something a bit different.

One person may not like the color of my jacket and is focused on that. Another might be checking their watch, bored as heck, while someone else could be enthralled and amazed. And still another individual might be thinking about lunch! Do you see what I mean?

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