The observer

The Observer

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The Observer. To take this a step further, many of us wear glasses, hearing aids or, on the other side of the spectrum, have a heightened sensitivity to sound, taste and smell. The perception of colors may vary among individuals. (Who knows if the red I see is the same as the red you see?) And let’s not forget our own mental conditioning, biases, attractions and aversions that place labels on things as “good and bad”, in our minds based on our past experiences and conditioning that further shape our understanding of reality.

Humans also possess extraordinary abilities, including exceptional eyesight, hearing, smell, taste, and even Extra Sensory Perception, open third eye abilities, and psychic capabilities.

These remarkable skills not only aid in healing and providing medical intuitive abilities, and aiding law enforcement on crime scenes but have also influenced significant historical events, including the decisions of kings, queens, emperors, and country leaders.

My point is everybody’s experiencing something a little different vibrationally based on our unique senses and emotional and mental ‘bias.’ Therefore, each of our ‘realities’ is different within the same time and space. There are overlaps of course and we often can relate to our “shared” experience. But even within that experience there may be nuances and things that you pick up or that I pick up that are slightly different. Even identical twins may have a different experience.

Overall, the whole of our experience is unique to our makeup and design, and “state” in each moment.

So the first conclusions I’d like us to draw from all this is:

1. Humans experience a broad spectrum of experiences and realities, which can vary greatly from one person to another, even when they are experiencing the same thing at the same moment, and even within the same individual, fluctuating from day to day.
2. Our reality has much more to do with us, the observer, rather than the thing being observed.

But this just encompasses the human experience. What about all of existence? What about all realities that may exist? 

If you’ll notice on the image above, the small arrow points upwards towards the band of visible light, a small sliver of reality called “the visible spectrum” or “visible light” that is available to the human senses.

In this article it’s argued that there’s no such thing as “visible light”. You can read why here.

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